ride view, slodier lake

upbt.org: slowly but surely!

I'm adding to this website a bit at a time, gradually adding more. I've been moving a little slow... Some links go to more informative pages of the site, some to partially made or - gasp! - unmade ones.

"I" is Robert Liebermann, and I'm making this website because I think that Michigan's Upper Peninsula is perfect for velotouring (and everything else!). So stay tuned, and at a turtle's pace I'll fill this thing out!

Recent notes:

January 2016: Had a cracking good time on my UP bike tour September & October 2015! 1007 miles in 5 weeks, all 15 UP counties (and 3 in Wisconsin), and a lot of observations on current state of roads, roadhouses, parks, watering spots, and other bicycle-related infrastructure.

July 2016: Not quite finished adding photo-pages of UP tours here yet, but in the meantime here are
some pictures (in the context of info about my touring bike; see sets 1-7 linked at top of page).

Also see the routes section for links to some maps of my 2006-2015 UPBT routes.

Give me ideas!

If you find this website somehow and are looking for information, feel free to contact me and I'll help - that's another way to push me along on the site development!

And, I'm interested in your experiences, ideas, photos, routes, comments, etc. so that we can make this website into something that'll convince people to velotour the UP and get them the info they need to do so hassle-free.

Go to my personal website contact page to contact me.

- Robert Liebermann, website person