about upbt.org

The website idea and structure was imagined and drafted (to paper!) during a May 2009 UP tour; the website development is in progress during summer 2009.

What you can find on the website:

The goal is to make upbt.org the best single source for information, ideas, discussion, maps, routes, conditions, photos, etc. of interest to those planning or interested in bicycle touring in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

Sections (see menu to the left) include details on why the UP is such an ideal place for on-road bike touring, useful information such as how and when to go touring in the UP, the regional variations to find in the UP, maps and route info, maybe some scanned old articles on topic, photographs of UP and UP bike trips, information on lodging/camping and eating, some history, a bibliography of useful printed information, linkages to other relevant info on UP touring, etc. The discussion forum will allow people to ask questions, tell about their experiences, and communicate other ideas that will help people interested in touring the UP have a good time before, during, and after a UP trip.

The content may range from a simple list of locations to a raving, foaming at the mouth opinionated discourse on something as if life itself mattered (but doesn't it? this is bicycle touring, something to live for!) You may agree or disagree, either way, I'll be happy to hear about it and add your thoughts here too!

Who the website is targeted to:

Upbt.org is primarily intended as a 'skinny tire' self-contained bike touring resource. There's already plenty available for UP off-road biking, etc. elsewhere, but 'old style' bicycle touring has been neglected for a couple of decades by the industry and marketeers, and unfortunately consumers followed. But bicycle touring is slowly regaining the interest of riders old and new, and it looks like we may see more cyclotourists in coming years.

Probably, though, the information will be of use to a wider audience of UP travelers - backpackers, motorcyclists, car-drivers... While aimed toward slow-speed travellers who are interested in becoming part of the place they travel in, if it slows down the 'faster' types in thought, spirit, or - with luck - motion, that will be a benefit to everyone.

What is the motivation for the website? Who 'owns' it? What about personally submitted information, accounts, photos, etc?

This is a non-profit website, and all content submitted for inclusion on forums or elsewhere will remain the property and copyright of the original author, and will be removed from the website if requested.

My (this is Robert, the website administrator) goal is to promote the UP as an ideal bicycle touring destination and, hopefully, convince a few others to give it a try. The pronoun 'us' will hopefully be used often and 'I' seldom as this website gets beyond development into regular use. See more on the policy page.


The time put into the website comes and goes, so you'll see (as of fall 2011) that there's still a lot of unfinished and unstarted content. You can see where I'm heading even if I haven't gotten there yet... As usual, I ask that you contact me if there are things you'd like to see added sooner here, or details you'd like explained. A little prodding will speed things up!