Disclaimers, ownership, privacy:

It's important that nobody mistakes this website for anything other than what it is: a free, nonprofit, independent source of velotourism and related information for Michigan's UP.

My (Robert, the website-maker) goal is to promote the UP as an ideal bicycle touring destination and, hopefully, convince a few others to give it a try.

The pronoun 'us' will hopefully be used more often than 'I' in future when this website gets beyond development and into regular-people use.

The code is all written on a text editor to keep it simple, easy, and unique (and to be able to make it readable, unlike many current 'blog' templates). Hopefully it works on all browsers. Phones, I don't know about - you may have to zoom in or go to the library...

This website will not try to fool, cheat, trick, or sell you into anything (other than the main topic, of course, and for that, only persuasion)! There are no paid opinions or paid anything here. I pay for the web server & domain myself.

Many websites today are really designed to keep track of who looks at what, where they were before, and where they go after. It's how they make money. Take a look at the background code of some media websites sometime for kicks (or look the topic up .. on the .. we©. I like to think most cycle tourists appreciate being free and left in peace, and maybe most UP residents too. I think being tracked and watched on the web is as improper as the same is in 'real life'.

This website isn't one of those police state watchers or perverts! There's no trackers, cookies, links, flash, hidden code, etc. to follow you around the web or do anything else besides show what you see. There's no logon, register, or 'follow me'. The only code that loads for this website is from the UPBT files (at UPBT.org). There is nothing facebook, twitter, google, NSA, CIA, or OMG. I don't collect any user data, URLs, habits, behaviour, etc. Everything works exactly the same whether you have cookies enabled or are logged on/off any other website.

Like a nice autumn day's bike ride between Engadine and Trout Lake, you won't be followed, watched, molested, or harassed!

In short, you already know what's right and wrong for use/abuse, so nothing new below:

Any content submitted for inclusion here will remain the property and copyright of the original author, and will be removed from the website if requested.

No content on this website may be used elsewhere without permission of the content owners, including code, photos, and text. link freely, though! The presentation of this website (design and original content) is the property of Robert Liebermann. For any commercial or publication use written permission is required. You or your robots cannot copy, 'archive', mimic, or clone any of the website code and/or present it elsewhere including 'search fooling'. Sheesh!

Any future attempt at fundraising, advertising, or the like on this website will be 100% used to fund the site costs itself -- not my 'salary', beer, or touring costs! If I see any income possibilities from bicycle touring in future, it'll be presented on a different website.

If I transfer this website in future to any group or person the same standards will be maintained.